Automatic Torque Converter

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Constant performance instead of constant rotational speed through the Automatic Torque Converter.






Automatic torque converter for an electromobile. A total efficiency of 92% was measured with a tuned 3 kW D.C. motor.


Infinitely-variable adjustment of the power transmissions over a rotational range of four, with an additional differential even over standstill.

Function of the Torque Converter

Path A: The peripheral force and the load are in equilibrium. The contact path describes a circle. The reduction remains unchanged.

Path B: The peripheral force is larger than the load. The drive axis tensions the spring more, so that the frictional wheel is moved sideways. The contact path describes a spiral until the peripheral force and the load are once again in equilibrium. If the peripheral force is lower than the load, the spiral points towards the centre.

Because the drive axis has the same direction of rotation as the output axis, there are minimal losses and minimal wear between the frictional wheel and the friction disc.

Outer path, high torque Inner path, higher rotational speed

Characteristic Curves of the Torque Converter

Example with a permanently-exited D.C. motor of 785 W at 3000 rpm

The regulating area of the converter spreads over a large field.
The unregulated motor has only one particular speed for each load moment.


The motor only delivers its nominal power at its nominal speed.
Without a converter,
the motor only delivers about 10% more power as nominal.

Performance Range: Torque converters were tried and tested with nominal performances from 2 W up to 12 kW. Variants are possible up to 50 kW power.

Application Possibilities

Application Examples
Varying load Agitators, kneading machines, floor cleaning machines, cable winches, lifting gear...
Battery drive Stacker truck, electromobile, floor conveyor vehicles, wheel-chair, lawn movers, rotary hoes...
Load-dependant feeders Rotary snow ploughs, shredders...
Various Compressors, wind power stations

Our support

We are a creative and powerful crew, consisting of the inventor and designer of the torque converter, a drive specialist and a manufacturing operation for special gearboxes. Within a short time we will find innovative and economical solutions for drive problems. Models are available, and we can realise prototypes and small series with minimal cost.

Drive width converter in a floor-cleaning machine (small series of 1000 pieces)

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